Prince’s Countryside Fund Case Study: Tom


Tom attended one of our rural ‘My Digital’ events.  Tom is late 70’s, very active and likes to be involved with his local community.  He decided to stop driving a few years ago and relies on public transport to get around.  He is very well organised and goes by bus into his market town to look at the bus time tables in his local library.  He has no computer or TV, using his radio as his means to listen to news etc.  He has a basic mobile that he uses for emergencies.  He has been a businessman with an assortment of shops over the years. 

Tom wanted to be able to use online banking, he had already been into his bank and arranged online banking before his local branch had closed.  After a session with ourselves showing him how to set up and then pay his bills, he felt confident he would be able to do this by attending his local library.  On line safety was discussed at length as he will only have access to communal computers.

He has also been shown how to do online self-assessment which he was supported with.  Previously he had paid for this service.

Tom’s family are all over the UK and he likes to visit them often.  He normally books his coach travel via a travel agents.  As Tom was becoming more confident with the computer and now looking at the news online, updating us all each week on Brexit. He asked if he would be able to look at booking travel online.  He was supported while we looked at the journey he would want to take and the route changes he would need to make.  In booking his travel himself he was able to save booking fees and we were able to look with him for the best deals and days to travel.  Not only does this save Tom money, it has shown him that by being able to access online services he can become independent.

Without our drop in sessions, Tom would not be able access any of these services and he is gaining in confidence. 


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April 22, 2020

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