Our Story

Lincs Digital was formed as a result of a small group of individuals from Adult Learning, Health and Community based ventures coming together to want to help local communities across Lincolnshire. Formal Adult Education funding had been cut and we were concerned a wide variety of individuals were missing out.

Thanks to offers of projects from The Prince’s Countryside Fund, Good Things Foundation and TED we were able to setup as a charity and Lincs Digital was formed. We already had an excellent knowledge of the client group and were able to setup delivery sessions across East Lindsey and beyond.

Having local knowledge and using Tutors and Volunteers known to the community we developed an excellent and trusted relationship with learners and continue to develop new and existing venues. We use local Community Venues such as Village Halls or Church Halls which enables us to take learning to the outreach community. This develops an excellent social network for those individuals, and we find many groups develop and continue beyond our initial learning sessions. 

The ability to use digital devices and access online services is an important part of everyday life and we want to make sure the residents of Lincolnshire and the small rural communities are not left behind. We continue to fight for Lincolnshire and bring national projects to local venues. During recent times it is proven that online services are now an essential requirement in order to keep in touch with each other, order shopping and health supplies.  

We are pleased to have helped many individuals and groups with learning how to do the above prior to the “lockdown period” and we are sure many more will now realise the importance and require assistance once we get back to normal activities again. We are also supporting via phone, email and video calling which means our groups continue to receive help beyond the learning sessions.

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We are currently offering courses covering the following topics but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a subject not mentioned and we will help if possible.