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We are currently offering courses covering the following topics but please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a subject not mentioned and we will help if possible.


Family History research online using Ancestry and Family Search


Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Messenger




NHS including GP services and online Prescription ordering


Online Safety and Scam Awareness


Online Banking


Setting up and using Ebay


Online shopping


Amazon Echo (Alexa)


.GOV Website


Using Online Forms


Music, Video and Photos on your device


File management


Microsoft Office


Facebook and Twitter


Using the Internet

We also offer support sessions for partner organisations which currently include Magna Vitae, East Lindsey District Council, Victoria Atkins MP, Lloyds Bank, Chapel St Leonards Village Hall computer group, Good Neighbourhood Schemes, Lincs Training, and housing association computer groups.
As part of the Online Centres Network supported by Good Things Foundation we also take part in research projects or pilot schemes for new courses and national projects. Currently these include Future Digital Inclusion, Get Online Week, Google Make it Click and Devices Dot Now.

Prince’s Countryside Fund

The vision of the Prince’s Countryside Fund is of a confident, robust and sustainable agricultural and rural community which is universally appreciated for its vital contribution to our British way of life and fit to support future generations.
They are passionate about the countryside. Established by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2010, The Prince’s Countryside Fund exists to improve the prospects of family farm businesses and the quality of rural life. Through their partnerships and events such as National Countryside Week, we celebrate and promote the value of the countryside.

We have delivered a “My Digital “ project to assist members of the rural areas of Lincolnshire to become more aware of online services and how they can be used to replace many of the services that have closed recently. This includes Online Banking, Shopping, Use of the NHS Apps/Website and how to keep in touch with friends and family.

Online Centres Network / Good Things Foundation

We are proud to be a member of the Online Centres Network which was brought together by Good Things Foundation, the Online Centres Network is made up of over 5,000 grassroots organisations, all working to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology.
We are delivering a number of projects within this section:

Future Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is a huge issue in today’s society. There are 11.3 million people in the UK who are lacking basic skills, these people are missing out on a range of opportunities – from saving money and finding work to connecting with friends and family. We don’t believe anyone should be left behind, and we should be striving for a nation where everyone is 100% digitally included.
The Future Digital Inclusion programme has already helped more than a million people to improve their digital skills since 2014, ensuring they’re able to use the internet to access information, services and jobs. But with more than 11 million people still, without the skills to take full advantage of the internet, there is still more to be done.
The Future Digital Inclusion programme is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by national social change charity Good Things Foundation through the Online Centres Network. It’s aimed at supporting those who are hardest to reach to gain digital skills, with a particular focus on unemployed people, people on a low income or people with a disability.
We deliver these sessions at local Community Venues and also with Online Learning materials which are part of the Learn My Way package. We support the online courses via phone, email and video calling.

Make It Click

Currently, over 7 million people in the UK are online but not getting enough from the internet, and aren’t improving their digital skills. Compared to people who are not online at all, they are more likely to be seeking work or in low-paid employment. Currently, over 7 million people in the UK are online but not getting enough from the internet, and aren’t improving their digital skills. Compared to people who are not online at all, they are more likely to be seeking work or in low-paid employment. Make It Click aims to support people who often don’t receive support or fall through the gaps. We’re building their confidence, helping them learn new skills, and supporting them to achieve positive employment outcomes. Thanks to a grant from, the philanthropy arm of Google, we’re building a new offer of support for people who are online but only use the internet in a limited way. Through the grant from, Good Things Foundation is: • Creating new Make It Click tools and learning approaches for community organisations to support ‘limited’ users of the internet• Providing funding for community organisations to deliver Make It Click, using these new tools and learning approaches• Designing and testing a new Make It Click campaign to reach ‘limited’ users and encourage them to take the next step to improve their digital skills. Make It Click will support thousands of people over the term of the grant, through which we’ll learn about the best approaches to reach and support limited users. Ultimately, investment from is helping Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network support even more people to benefit from the digital world.


We are pleased to have been chosen to take part in the latest project with Good Things Foundation who say: We are pleased to have been chosen to take part in the latest project with Good Things Foundation who says:We’re proud to be working with FutureDotNow on their exciting new initiative DevicesDotNow. The new initiative will target the 1.7 million households who don’t have access to the internet and are digitally excluded as we face a socially distanced world gripped by COVID-19. Supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the DevicesDotNow campaign is asking businesses to donate tablets, smartphones and laptops, as well as connectivity in the form of sims, dongles and mobile hotspots. These are urgently needed to get the most vulnerable people in the UK online. Frontline organisations that form the Online Centres Network are in desperate need of digital devices to be able to mobilise into the community. With help of businesses, we can empower the Online Centres Network so they can support households facing self-isolation – alleviating the strain on the NHS while ensuring that vulnerable people aren’t cut off from their loved ones and the outside world. How businesses are supporting DevicesDotNow:• Donating devices.  • Donating sim cards, portable hotspots, dongles or other connectivity.• Making a financial donation. • Spreading the word.
Special thanks to BT who have kindly donated tablets for us to give to vulnerable learners.

Get Online Week

19-25 October 2020
Good Things Foundation are very excited to announce that Get Online Week will return from the 19-25 October 2020!
Our 2019 campaign was our most successful ever, reaching more than 56,000 people in the UK, across almost 4,000 events. We’re so excited to continue this success this year by engaging with new and returning partners to support even more people to get more out of life online.
Lincs Digital will arrange sessions at a number of local venues throughout the week and these will be promoted closer to the time.

Lloyds Banking Group Digital Inclusion Programme

Good Things Foundation is delighted to continue working with Lloyds Banking Group to support digitally excluded people to improve their financial and digital literacy skills.
Using the Learn My Way site, individuals will complete courses from our Managing your money online subject. As a result of this project, learners will increase their understanding of how they can control their finances online, as well as how they can save time, money and increase their confidence in carrying out online transactions safely.
Lincs Digital have also worked closely with local branches of Lloyds to help people register for online banking and learn how to use the App and website. With the help of our local MP Victoria Atkins we have promoted the use of the mobile bank which has been put in place due to local branch closures.

TED Project

Talk, Eat, Drink (TED) in East Lindsey is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund under its Ageing Better programme. The TED Programme tries to identify the good provisions that are delivered through existing groups and facilities and helps to develop and promote them. This is achieved through the involvement of over 50s and local organisations.
TED is working to reduce isolation across East Lindsey and is designed to empower and connect individuals, helping to create sustainable change in communities.
The TED Programme looks to help organise self-sustaining Friendship Groups, deliver Age-friendly Business Awards and work with a variety of Delivery Partners to reach a wider community.
We deliver Digital Skills sessions as a delivery partner and support other services with their delivery. As described above this project is aimed at over 50’s across East Lindsey.

National Lottery Community Fund

Lincs Digital Community Support

Supporting local residents during Covid19 restrictions to assist with Digital needs via the use of virtual support sessions. Developing a safe return to face to face events and delivering digital learning sessions in the local community. Developing systems to future proof the Charity.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation

Thanks to the Community Foundation we are able to support volunteers and existing local community organisations based in East Lindsey, during Covid19 restrictions. We are supporting groups to be more digitally aware and to embrace the use of online tools to continue their community work.

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